Sunday, October 6, 2013

Currently October...I'M BACK!


I apologize for the lack of posting.  This whole new public school thing has been quite the adjustment to say the least.  It is already October and I have had an informal observation, walk-throughs, district principal observations, and my formal observation.  It all went smoothly but it has been a ton of prep work.  

I thought I would get back into the swing of things with the Currently link up with Farley from Oh Boy! 4th Grade

Listening....Dear Luke Bryan, 
How have I gone this long without listening to your gorgeous voice? 

Loving...Ladies and Gentleman it has been a whirlwind but it's official I do not have another formal observation until 3rd quarter.  This Marzano method is quite different then my previous observation method. Are any of you observed based on the Marzano method?

Thinking...A giveaway is in the works.  Follow me on Instagram @KruzinThroughKinder

Wanting...These beauties...

Tory Burch

Needing...Fall weather to arrive.  I definitely will not miss walking my students to their parents at the end of the day and sweating buckets.  Plus, I dream of rocking this look complete with my G.S.V.L. from Starbucks! Of course I can't wear the jeans to work but I can wear some cords!

Trick or Treat...I love all things chocolate, halloween, and pumpkins.  I've been known to rock pumpkin carving contests...literally...

Well friends I am officially back! I hope I can keep this up! Have a great week!


  1. No, I am not familiar with the Marzano method. What exactly is that?!

    Love the shoes! We get to wear jeans every Tuesday and Friday. I usually don't, but others enjoy their "dress down" days.

  2. No we are observed with the Danielson framework. Yuck. It's a lot of work for everyone. Can't they just come in a few times and see what I'm doing? Last year I had 1 informal and 1 formal. This year I have a couple of informals and a goal project I have to do. Lucky that you don't have to worry about it again for a while! :)
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    1. Hi Cathy!

      I have 2 formal observations (approximately 1 hr each), 3 informal (about 30 minutes), and a walk-through each month (approximately 7 minutes). All of it goes into a very large equation to see if we are "effective educators." It's a lot of work but I agree I rather them just watch in on me at all times haha.

  3. Hi Leslie!

    Thank you for your comment. The Marzano method becomes a very complicated equation that basically tells us if we are effective or not. It has 4 domains and one of the domains has 41 different elements that we are evaluated on. It is quite complicated but it is how we are evaluated.