Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Houston we have a problem...

I LOVE when my kids are engaged, eager, and want to speak and participate.  My little eager kiddos can't stop blurting and it is really becoming an issue.  I have thought about implementing a blurting chart after reading the book, "My Mouth is a Volcano."  I took to Pinterest and found these awesome ideas from Mrs. Prince and Co. and The Kindergarten Center. I wasn't sure if the blurt chart is the way to go.  How do you reward students who don't blurt? I was thinking a trip to the treasure box but then again I may end up broke!  What have you tried that has helped?

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  1. I had the same problem this year! I couldn't get ONE WORD in..ever! It was so frustrating!We read My Mouth is a Volcano. That helped a little so then of course I had to show them some NatGeo videos of a real volcano and they understood the book a little more:) Then I hung up a small chart with their names on the left side. When they blurted/interrupted I stopped, gave them "the look" and did the sign for warning in sign language. We use a lot of sign language in our room! If they do it again, I walk to the chart and put a tiny volcano next to their name. It's volcano clipart from maybe kpmdoodles...Throughout all of that, I never address them blurting out and I never stop teaching. For each volcano point, that's how many minutes of playtime they have to miss. Now since I teach K I added a fun little twist to that:) If they have 1 volcano point they miss 1 min which means they have to count to 60 out loud:) It's a great time for me to do a little assessing:) Hope this helps and isn't a problem next year:)